Nature's green bounty

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Nature's green bounty

When I think about beauty and sustenance the color that comes....

When I think about beauty and sustenance the color that comes to my mind is always 'green'. For me Green is the color of nature, youth and something that can never be associated with bland, lifeless or cold. I look around I realize that nature has provided us with the treasure that holds the key to our health.  Let's evaluate at some of the best green agents:



With the number of cosmetics companies rushing to establish Neem as their acne treating ingredient its safe to assume theNeem revolution for the skin is here to stay, but Neem cannot just be curtailed to skin because it benefits the whole body. You can treat eye –infection and even dandruff in your hair.

Store in a neem boiled greenish water as beauty liquid for your nightly skin treatment.  It's an excellent toner.



Widely known for its curative and healing properties is probably the most used remedy in every indian household all over India.

Tulsi is an excellent cleanser grind new leaves make it into paste with the help of water put in a little oats powder and milk powder and put this mixture on for lightened, cleansed and acne free skin.

Tulsi boiled water after it cools off use it as a wash after applying shikakai, it will get rid of lice problem in your hair.



Add in leaves to your bath water for rejuvenating your skin and freshness. Grind in the leaves to add a little turmeric to act as a cure for your stubborn blemishes.



Don't restrict bay leaves to your kitchen as they can be used as a whitener for your teeth.

The leaves can be used for anti-age treatments, boil 4-5 bay leaves in water (keep the lid on) after removing the stove and getting rid of very strong steam, inhale this steam by putting a towel over your head. Works like magic on wrinkled skin.



Use strained tea leaves water ( after it cools off)  to wash your hair after shampooing, the water provides excellent gloss and shine to the hair and also prevents hair fall.

Use dried tea leaves in curd and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on face for 20 mins and then wash off for a glowing skin

Take used tea bags and put it in warm water (make sure water is not burning hot), keep this on your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Most effective recipe.

- Asha Devi

(The author is a skin care professional with 17 year experience in the field.)

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